At Axon Labs, our mission is to create jackpot city breakthrough consumer products and medical devices that increase the quality of life by leveraging leading edge computer engineering and wireless technology into the fields of sleep science, cognitive science, Find online casinos at casino compassion and neuroscience.

Axon Labs was founded by an entrepreneurial and sleep-deprived team of computer science and engineering majors at Brown University. The team realized that by applying several recent scientific and engineering breakthroughs, they could potentially improve millions of peoples' lives - particularly in the way that they slept.

It is now known that overall health and many crucial body and mind functions are dependent on quality of sleep. Unfortunately, most Americans are severely sleep deprived and when they wake up, can suffer from exhaustion and lethargy for several hours.

Originally inspired by debilitating morning fatigue that followed late night study sessions, our team has created a whole new kind of personal product. Project SleepSmart™ can accurately track a person's sleep patterns and give them personalized strategies to help them get a better night's sleep.