john shambroom

John Shambroom brings to Axon extensive experience in EEG acquisition and analysis, product development and project management. As the former Director of Engineering at Aspect Medical Systems (NASDAQ: ASPM), Shambroom was responsible for developing the BIS™ anesthesia depth monitors using EEG and ultra-high fidelity signal acquisition. He led cross-functional teams in developing and launching five generations of monitors in six to eighteen months, nearly unprecedented in the medical device industry, and typically beat cost goals by 10%. Prior to joining Axon, Shambroom was President of Shambroom Associates, LLC, and consulted on strategic and technical issues primarily for medical device companies. Shambroom holds over a dozen patents, mostly on electrophysiological signals, and is the recipient of numerous awards for his work on the A-2000 BIS Monitor. Shambroom holds a B.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering from Tufts University.