Axon Labs believes that great companies are built on a solid foundation of insightful, need-based ideas, ethical values and the right team of people. We developed our mission and beliefs knowing they will shape the future of the company and help us focus on what is important. Axon Labs is committed to innovation, integrity, quality, education, and a foundation in science. And every once in a while, we enjoy getting some sleep.

Founders Eric, Jason, and Ben continue to lead the company in their respective roles. The team also includes entrepreneurial and Fortune 100 experience in Dave who heads the company. He has spent many years running startups after a long career with Johnson & Johnson, Church & Dwight, and Bristol-Myers Squibb. Additionally the management team includes sensor and algorithm expert John to lead our research and operations effort, after years of experience at Inovise Medical, Aspect Medical Systems, and Siemens Medical Systems. This merger of talent has resulted in a blend of passion, experience, energy, insight, and fresh thinking.