Regardless of the reasons why Americans are sleep deprived -- insomnia, lifestyle, stress – it significantly impacts our health. The National Sleep Foundation reports that 75% of Americans have weekly difficulties with their sleep. The NIH estimates that sleeplessness causes $16 billion in annual health care expenses and $50 billion in lost productivity. 

Sleep deprivation affects higher-level brain functioning, immune system strength and moodiness.  A Harvard study found that sleep-deprived medical residents made 36% more serious medical errors.  Longer term, scientific evidence directly correlates sleep deprivation with high blood pressure, heart failure, diabetes, obesity, anxiety, depression and other health issues.

Although sleep deprivation and insomnia-related problems are driving people to take action, there is insufficient access to information about our individual sleep tendencies. Axon Labs is developing a revolutionary way to learn about how we sleep, and the cause and effect factors that play a role in it.