Sleep is a necessary state of rest in which there exists a decrease in body movement, a desensitization to external stimuli, and an increase in healing and growing. When we sleep, the brain has quasi-cyclical (roughly 90 minute) periods of relative activity and inactivity known as sleep cycles. These cycles are composed of multiple sleep stages which can be simplified into light sleep, deep sleep, and REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, and each serves a crucial function.

Light Sleep: The eyes move little, if at all, as the heart rate and breathing slow down. Light sleep accounts for roughly half of the night’s sleep.

Deep sleep: There is little eye or muscle activity as the body focuses on restoration, release of growth hormone and reinforcement of the immune system.

REM: Accounting for 20% of the night, REM sleep is associated with vivid dreams and helping to consolidate and reinforce spatial and procedural memory.

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