In the 1930s, scientists discovered that while asleep, the brain emits various patterns of electrical waves detectable on the surface of the skin. Each sleep stage contains unique characteristics: lighter sleep has smaller, active waves while deeper sleep has larger, slower waves, and REM contains eye movements.

Traditionally, the only way to measure sleep stages was to have a series of metal disc electrodes on the scalp using glue, tape or paste. Each electrode is individually wired to a computer that records waveforms for analysis. These complex waveforms required a specialist to visually interpret them in a painstaking, time-intensive process. Advances in mathematics and computer science now allow us to interpret these signals in real-time. Axon Labs has developed soft sensor wave technology (SSWT), a comfortable, breathable and wireless sensor. Highly effective, the proprietary SSWT is a core feature embedded within the SleepSmart headband.

Strengths of SSWT:
    Reads sleep stages accurately
  • Breathable, hypoallergenic, hand washable
  • Simple to put on and comfortable to wear
  • Completely wireless, clean and safe