Originally inspired by debilitating morning fatigue that followed late night study sessions, Axon Labs has created a true innovation within the sleep industry. Project SleepSmart™ allows a person to assess the quality of a night's sleep, learn personalized ways to get a better night's rest and wake up more refreshed.

Project SleepSmart is a two-part product. A comfortable, wireless headband collects sleep information through soft sensors that rest on the forehead. The headband wirelessly sends the sleep info to the bedside display for real-time processing. When you wake, you receive a report on the duration, depth and continuity of that night's sleep.

In addition, SleepSmart includes a feature that can activate a friendly alarm during the last moments of lighter sleep so you wake up a little easier.

Forty years of research has shown that waking from deeper sleep results in a longer duration of sleep inertia and morning grogginess. SleepSmart can decrease the severity of sleep inertia by waking the sleeper from a lighter phase of sleep.